Swastika 3D

Josh Cavanagh Found a 3D printed sayagata in the uni studio today

Swastika Stitching

Linnea Fade doing her 2 favourite things watching tele and stitching

Swastika Back

Work by Will Powell, England

Swastika Cubes

Drawing by the Italian Luca Jama Zuccato

Swastika Israel

Swastika SlagHaren

SlagHaren, Lunapark in the Netherlands

Swastika Luck

Everybody needs some good luck, for sale 1910s postcard

Swastika Nifty Nifty

Work by Jade Colbert, South Africa, Tattoo artist at custom ink U.K.
Nifty nifty

Swastika Nanjing

In a restaurant in Nanjing China