Swastika Sassoondock

Madrid based artist @spyurbanart painted a huge Swastika on the pillars of the water tank for the Sassoondockartproject.

Known for appropriation of urban elements through transformation or replication, @spyurbanart 's red Swastika attempts to highlight the original meaning of the symbol. While the symbol has been used across the world by many cultures, it is rooted in the Sanskrit word, ‘Swati’ which translates to well being, Goodluck, success and prosperity.

Swastika Side Torso

Work by Frederik Botved

Swastika Georges Labit

Piece in the Georges Labit Museum
Thanxx mutantxtatique

Swastika Rose Tattoo

The Rose Tattoo movie premier
Thanxx Moni

Swastika Shirt

My friend Frances checked this at tkmaxx

Swastika Speckled Beauty

In 1914 this very rare “Speckled Beauty” fly fishing line featuring the lithographic image of a leaping Brown Trout was introduced

Swastika Chest

Svadebnik - This symbol is intended to protect the welfare and happiness of the family.
Work by māyā wild, travelling artist

Swastika Vintage

Vintage with vintage Navajo art

Swastika Lights

Lights by dharmesh_jagetia

Swastika Silenus

Drunk Silenus on a panther' was discovered in Byblos in the 3rd century AD.